Panda IMAP

Panda IMAP is a server that implements the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) version 4 revision 1. It is a fork of a fork: The late Marc Crispin wrote the initial implementation which become known as "UW IMAP". He forked the code base in 2008 and called the fork "Panda IMAP". After development ceased, I forked the fork but kept the name. I maintain the public master branch at

You can download the latest release here:

v423 August 11th, 2018
See README for compilation instructions, NEWS for change log and NOTICE for licence.
(SHA256 checksum: d9e8ffffb46ad2f4cdd125379a7e9bfb95e010e0621bebaa0227bcd31bbc3a35)
Michael Goldschmidt
mxg AT